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Lotus Consciousness is a planetary initiative for anybody going through significant life changes/awakening and looking for resources, community, events and support to make meaningful transitions.  Featuring an online community (independent social network) of private groups, online learning with specialised courses, and a network of global events & retreats.


Lotus Consciousness

Whether you are feeling the need to change from a corporate job; a young person who realises that everything is not just Instagram; new or established practitioner or community members who would like to step up further… you will be able to find authentic teachings with an experienced international team, through resources, hubs and a community of knowledge.



With a global network of conscious practitioners, facilitators, teachers and support; we are utilising the convenience and power of technology to reach you wherever you are in the world. A vetted team who care for you and all humanity. Our team will be expanding in the next year to come, and we hope to interact with you soon.


Conscious Online Learning

From courses for people going through awakening and looking for community, to young people, transitioning corporate professionals, to established practitioners – we have holistic courses available (online and at our hubs) to suit your needs. These have been piloted and are proving to bring significant long-term results.


Cultivating growth

The lotus community is developing highly innovative and holistic international retreats, and global events. We have been piloting new healing and visionary packages for varied participants since 2013. Destinations so far include Asia, Europe and Latin America but will be branching out in 2020.

A Global Platform of Consciousness

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The new online global community of consciousness

We thank you for taking an interest in the Lotus Consciousness platform. It’s still under development, and will grow throughout the year with new features and updates.