Journey of the Blue Lotus (Level 1)

"No Mud - No Lotus" An initiation experience transform the darkness with the beauty of this ancient flower,  stories,  sounds, and ceremonies from Egypt.

Meaghan · August 22, 2020

Course begins 22 September 2020.
Enrollments are now open.

The Lotus has always been the ultimate symbol of transformation.  In Ancient Egypt it was highly prized and you see pictures of the many rites of the Blue Lotus painted all throughout the temple.  She is simply speaking the Essence of the Mighty River Nile and the Water Element  …. an image of cleansing and renewal … she helps us find our strength in what is authentic and true for us … for the lotus is a fragile delicate flower but her roots are powerful and strong, she is seasonal and long lasting. Returning to the journey through the mud to bloom again and again.

“No Mud – No Lotus”

The Basis of this course will be teaching you through the imagery of Egyptian Stories and the practical tools of Breath, Sound and Ceremony 
how to reaffirm your own authenticity, embrace the healing power of the “MUD” in our lives … and reach for your highest vision.

The Mud represents the difficult and challenging in our lives.   What we find via the inspiring and hopeful image of the Lotus is not to deny
or ‘FIX’ these periods of MUD but to embrace them, which allows us to move into and through them with greater grace and speed.

The Course will go through an initiatory journey from Roots to Mud to Growth to Blooming. 
Each stage will be taught through a particular healing Egyptian Story which you will be guided to reflect and see which piece of these ancient
stories is true for you in your life right now.  A very old archetypal story has power as it has been told and retold hundreds of times for many centuries!   

To embody the realisations you make through these stories you will be taught simple Body Toning Exercise helping connect and clear muscular and emotional
habits and memories and transform them.     Using your inner sound + breath in an intelligent and creative way os that you can have a whole body shift.

So much of today’s healing is MENTAL .. analytical and mind based … with Story + Body-Based Sound + Imagination you have a chance to unite your 
Whole Body Being and create a real change.

Course Materials are  6 Video Lessons, a workbook and audio practice files …   with encouragement and task setting between lessons via email.  As well as dialogue with fellow course members in the online forum (hosted on Lotus Consciousness).

Meaghan is well known for her amazing follow-up and cheerleading support during programs and private mentoring with her.

What you will gain from the Journey (if you do the work)

  • A Deeper voice activation for healing and sound – no matter what Voice Level you currently have (it’s ok to not be able to sing)
  • Identify what is your main obstacle right now, the beliefs that generate it and how to transform it over next months.
  • Experience a shift in your body awareness + body peace.
  • Gain clarity about your highest vision or goal, direction and what it is truly saying to your right now.
  • Experience a very rich and intimate connection with some of the most beloved archetypes of Ancient
  • Egypt and discover how to engage with them in a useful way as aids.
  • Understand the true background of the Blue Lotus … and be supported to explore this motif deeply.
  • The Egyptian Blue Lotus healing tradition goes back as far as 4000 BC in Egypt …
  • and maybe one of the earliest documented healing medicines in the world.   
  • Gain access to progress to BLUE LOTUS LEVEL 2 if you complete the final exercise

Overview of Course

The journey is held over 28 days –  It takes at least 28 days to make a mindset shift.     
What creates a shift in our lives is DAILY ENGAGEMENT on  a core focus in order to send repeated signals and feelings
to our brain helping us to re-wire our thought, beliefs and habits.

This is NOT a course it is a Journey. You will be learning skills, story and history, but its more important you treat this as an experience rather than a program.  Rather than the normal course outline of just watching a video once a week with no engagement in between.

We ask you to engage the materials and have interaction with the Flower and its messages. EVERYDAY in the 28 days.   

You will need a minimum of 10 minutes most days and 2 hours a day a couple of days a week.   

You will be given 6 videos throughout the program, a workbook, practice audios 
as well as receive an email every day encouraging you to review materials, perform a ceremony, engage etc.

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