Lotus Awakening Course

The Lotus Awakening Course is a new 52 days online immersion course about Spiritual Sovereignty and profound transformation, packed with wisdom, practical tips, tools, guidance and insights to help you face ill health and low vitality, to be an active community member as well as to step up toward the better version of yourself, free from the energetic shackles of old paradigms and with meaning and life purpose.

Lotus Team · January 6, 2020

Course started 6th February 2020. New registration & enrollment is CLOSED. It will run again later this year – exact date TBC.

Can you relate to…

  • Feeling tired, fatigued or depressed?
  • Frustrated in your current work & lifestyle?
  • Felling stuck & blocked?
  • Interested in multi-dimensionality & consciousness?
  • Anxious in busy environments?
  • Feeling increasingly sensitive?
  • Fed-up with ungrounded spirituality?
  • Feeling paralyzed by eco-grief? (Example bushfires in Australia or riots in many countries)

Some themes covered in the course

Some of the themes covered, while working with the Mayan calendar concepts of natural time & natural law:

  • Finding resilience
  • Holistic nutritional advice
  • Finding your higher purpose
  • Understanding trauma
  • Ancient wisdom, kriya, kundalini
  • Psycho-therapeutic tools
  • Breath-work (Pranayama)
  • Understanding triggers
  • Grounded spirituality

A holistic Detox course, rooted in Spiritual Sovereignty to foster profound transformation. Packed with wisdom & practical tools to help you face ill health, low vitality or simply become the best & strongest version of you!

Course Inclusions

  • Overview of the Galactic Mayan Calendar including how to work with it
  • Holistic nutrition advice and protocols to follow as well as a pre-course protocol
  • Multi modality tools to enable you to understand your system, triggers, patterns and multidimensional being
  • Tips, health knowledge, mindfulness and psychotherapeutic tools to help you to understand dependency as a process rather than a life sentence
  • New expansive toolkit and teachings to equip you to step into your Higher Purpose
  • Deep constellation work – the space will be opened ceremonially to invite the Higher Self of each participant in, using techniques from High Priestess lineages to ensure that each person is fully called into divine space and upgrade for 40 days, by consciousness specialist, Victoria Sinclair
  • Insights into cutting edge trauma modalities and how to apply tools to your own upgrading process and to step beyond triggering and paralysis
  • Special transmissions utilising multidimensional technologies to deepen and enhance the healing and upgrade process along multiple timelines
  • Ancient wisdom, meditation, kriya, kundalini, pranayama

13 immersive videos by 7 collaborators over the 52 day period.
Real time forums and peer and practitioner support through forum work are included through the 52 day immersion. The course has a 40 day deep purification immersion followed by a 12 day crystallisation, integration & decompression period. This will span 4 x 13 day wavespells of the Mayan calendar (Please note, may you require in-depth support, supervision and attention this is beyond the remit of the course constellation – we will however be able to signpost and provide appropriate referrals)

Global Course Collaborators

  • Victoria Sinclair
  • Francesco Benvenuti
  • Solano Domingos
  • Srishti Knoll
  • Adamo Medici
  • Maaike de Haan
  • Christian Platt

About Instructor

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Course Includes

  • 5 Modules
  • 16 Lessons