Space Holding (Introductory)

A lot of people hold events, ceremonies and activities and hear the term ‘space-holding’ but very few know what It really entails. Even more than ever before it is evident that we are in an important time where authentic and safe practice is imperative. As more and more people go into deep processes it is vital that people take responsibility to engage with and train in Space-holding if they wish to demonstrate integrity and mindfulness in workshops, ceremonies and practitioner settings. It’s also crucial that we ‘check ourselves’ and in these times where inequality is endemic to many settings it vital that we tune in to WHY we want to hold space and indeed what spaces those may be.

Victoria · June 5, 2020

*** Course launched June 21, 2020 ***

During this introduction exploration of key themes we will exploring spaceholding from different vantage points – in group work, breathwork, dyads, ceremonies and workshop formats.  You will be invited to come into awareness of interpersonal, ceremonial and transpersonal aspects of spaceholding – with reference to good practice, safeguarding, ethics, shamanism, energy medicine, psychotherapy and talking therapies, breathwork, ceremony, tantra and natural law.

The course outline can be found below, for you to see if it resonates.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is helpful for anyone who wishes to be more in tune with their surroundings, with others, and to know of the finer details and legwork needed to hold space safely.   Some people who might find it helpful

  • People working with cacao ceremonies
  • Those involved in sessions which involve ‘relating’
  • Community workers, activists, and others who may have to take on a moderator role
  • Any workshops or sessions which have a ceremonial, shamanic or ritual component
  • Tantric practitioners
  • Psychotherapists
  • Body workers
  • Breathwork practitioners
  • People going through awakening processes
  • Those involved with working with mental or general healthcare
  • People working with clients who go through cathartic or transformative experiences and energetic releases
  • Sekhem Alumni and other energy medicine practitioners

Anyone looking to broaden their ways of seeing.  Spaceholding is not just about verbal exchange – it is about understanding different personality types, unseen realms, how nature works


This course is an introductory opening to the field – it does NOT entitle you to call yourself a qualified Space-holder– but may add to your existing practice or be taken as part of Lotus Consciousness Space-holding Certificate and/or our Experiential Practice-Based Retreats where you get to train further in the field

Format of Course

This is a basic introduction to the concepts that you can do in your own time and is a thought-provoking course which guides you through several key settings where space may be held.

There are six lessons which are each on a specific setting/type of space.  These lessons are divided into sub-sections to enable you to have bite size chunks to fit around hectic lifestyles, inner processes, home-life constraints and short attention spans…

Learning and Development Trajectory

The course is designed as a module to introduce you to key themes from which to then qualify as a space-holder after a more practical and applied dedication to the subject

Stepping Stones to qualification are:

Introductory Course

Space-holding Retreat – Face to face teachings and workshops

Certification Level Module – More real time interaction, supervision and own case studies to complete plus Three Master Classes on the topic

If you cannot come to one of our physical retreats, fear not…. when there is enough demand we will also run an online retreat where you will get to practice with our group of experienced facilitators.

Sekhem Alumni

For Sekhem students – The introductory course plus Certification Module adds together to give you one of your Master’s Level Modules.

Energy Contribution

Normal Rate:  99GBP

Sekhem Alumni: 88GBP

2 bursaries available every 3 months 66 GBP – please contact the Lotus Team to enquire about this.

For persons from non-privileged backgrounds we have a deep pro-social commitment  – please apply directly to [email protected]

Course Tutor

Victoria Sinclair

Culture-bridge, Consciousness and Energy Medicine specialist, Victoria has been teaching for almost 30 years and holding space in professional therapeutic capacities for 20.    These spaces range from tribal councils, talking therapies, shamanic spaces, ceremonies, mediation, quantum and ancestral work and constellations, students, clients, communities in disadvantaged areas, couples, tribal groups, trauma patients, prison inmates, young people and non-incarnate energies.    Victoria works on all levels as a bridge of cultures and worlds and illuminator in diverse and many realmed settings and service capacities.  Victoria has fulfilled many studies and trainings to post graduate and/or professional level including ecopscychology, consciousness and transpersonal psychology, quantum modalities,  shamanism, psychedelic therapy, media,  numerous trauma modalities and theory, pranayama, indigenous science and post-colonial studies.

She is also an initiated Master teacher (since 2011) in Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki energy medicine under the tutelage of Maya Ris and gives initiations in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.  Victoria  has spent 13 years travelling and learning with native tribes and global networks and communities and receiving specific teachings/initiations from Mayan gatekeepers, Anangu elders and Law keepers the Mamos of Sierra Nevada, Plant Medicine Teachers and more…Victoria is currently receiving guidance from wisdom keepers and elders from the Middle East and her homeland, Ireland, which has included  co-created ceremony and receiving teachings from Hopi Elders.  She also has taken some preliminary initiations in the Kalachakra Tantra Empowerment bestowed by Lama Khentrul Rinpoche of the Tibetan Jonang Lineage.  Victoria has founded Lotus Consciousness Platform.   For more about her work please visit

Course Outline (Themes covered)

Lesson One -Introduction to Space-holding

  • What is space-holding?
  • Mapping yourself – why have you come to this and what do you have to bring to it?
  • Privilege, decolonisation and spiritual bypassing in space-holding and need for awareness
  • Identifying different spaces
  • Mapping trauma and core wounds
  • Tuning into when space has been held for you in the past – mapping exercise
  • Mapping when space has been held badly for you in the past
  • Holding space for yourself – finding the sweet spot between self-responsibility and needing support/intervention from another

Lesson Two – Holding Space for Another Person

  • Basics
  • Everyday situations that might require space-holding for someone
  • Professional situations that could require space-holding
  • Therapeutic situations
  • The importance of Listening Skills
  • Empathy and Sympathy
  • The Sacred Neutral – healthy non-attachment versus emotional unavailability
  • Space-holding/Counselling/Psychotherapy/Coaching/Mentoring – distinctions between them and useful tools and contexts for utilising them
  • Situations when challenging someone may be needed/beneficial
  • Codes of conduct and ethics

Lesson Three – Holding Space as a mediator/facilitator

  • Basics
  • Situations that might require mediation/facilitation space-holding
  • Getting your role straight
  • NVC – non-violent communication
  • The importance of fairness
  • Tools and tips for facilitation
  • Character types that might be encountered
  • Boundaries, fairness and timekeeping
  • Not getting attached to outcomes
  • ‘Sitting in the Fire’

Lesson Four – Holding Space in Workshops

  • Basics
  • Mapping the workshop and your roles
  • Intention and boundary setting
  • Dealing with challenging or triggering people
  • IFS and ‘parts’
  • Understanding trauma
  • Understanding the energy of the day
  • Karma and Dharma
  • Fundamental ethics

Lesson Five – Ceremonial Spaces

  • Basics
  • The importance of opening and closing space
  • Having the true credentials to hold ceremony
  • Protocol
  • Knowing your allies and ‘team’
  • Gatekeeping and protection
  • Understanding the times we are in
  • Becoming a vessel and conduit for the highest outcomes
  • Being the calm in the eye of the storm

Lesson Six – Recapitulation, quiz and self-reflection

  • Integration of course materials
  • Maintenance of inclusivity and ethics
  • Supervision
  • Referrals and signposting
  • Healthy next steps

If you wish to progress to the Space-holding Masterclass Module or take part of the accreditation and retreats you need to complete the quiz and self-reflection study.

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