The Sacred Cycle – A woman’s mystery school

A 5 week self study course for women exploring the gifts of our menstrual cycle

Jessamy · March 2, 2020

A 5 week self study course for women, following the flow of your own cycle.

Are you ready for a new connection to your period?

A new connection to your whole monthly flow?

A new sense of awe and respect for your woman’s body and her natural intelligence?

A more multidimensional awareness of the gifts of this intrinsic aspect of being a woman?

Enrol in this course to begin a journey with yourself that will be rewarding and fulfilling, maybe challenging and for sure inspiring. Surrendering to and supporting your monthly flow can become such a key to your wellbeing. Working with the energies of your different phases and drawing on wisdoms that recognise the sync between your cycle, the moon cycle and the seasonal cycle of the earth can bring you to new depths of empowerment and harmony.

Beginning or deepening your connection to your archetypal nature brings clarity, peace and empowerment to your inner world, which ripples out into your waking life.

Listen to this free Introductory Audio to get a feeling of what the course holds

Receive a carefully crafted manual & toolkit based on more than 8 years of self study, practice and teaching.

Join me to begin a journey of self exploration and liberation. 



*Week 1 – Sacred Space Introduction – guidance on creating and invoking sacred space in your home. Introduction to charting your cycle with a moon dial.

*Week 2 – Meeting the Maiden – Introducing the spring phase of your cycle and the archetype of the Maiden. Cyclical self care and daily practice. Introduction to working with archetypes. Introduction and guidance on working with the Womb Mandala.

*Week 3 – Mother – Introducing the summer phase of your cycle and the archetype of the Mother.

*Week 4 – Enchantress – Introducing the autumn phase of your cycle and the archetype of the Enchantress

*Week 5 – Introducing the winter phase of your cycle and the archeytpe of the Crone (wise woman). Sacred Feminine life approach. Continuing the journey. Cycle Supportive foods

A PDF copy of this workbook to print and keep if you like.

 ~ weekly playlist – to dance into our archetype of the week – embodiment practices like this really support us to get an alive felt sense of what the flavour the archetype is and how she moves within us, what our flavour is as her. Discovering where we flow easily and where we struggle allows us to playfully support ourselves to explore and expand our comfort zones of self expression.

~ 4 daily practice audios – one for each week. These simple (approx 20mins audio) practices are based on Tao- Tantric Arts for Women that have been practiced by women, originating in ancient China, for thousands of years. In recent years the global rising of feminine empowerment has brought these practices deeper and deeper into the mainstream. Each one of these self care practices has been chosen to match the vibrational frequencies of each phase – supporting the hormonal and energy levels of that week. Bringing loving awareness and cultivating a consistent practice that connects us to our inner wellspring of sexuality, creativity, vitality and self healing is a huge step on our path of self love. And we all know we being a loving and powerful presence in the world starts at home, in our body. Releasing fear, shame and guilt around our orgasmic nature and growing in healthy loving celebration is our birthright! This course shares 4 super basic practices that can transform your relationship towards your self, your breasts, vagina and sexual energy. Bringing the vibrations of gratitude to all parts of yourself. Future course levels will add new layers of practice.

~ 4 weekly grounding in meditations – short introductions to the cycle phase of each week, as connected to the seasons and archetypal characteristics.

When we reconnect with our womb space, our yoni, our sexuality, from a place of curiosity and respect and wonder we are so much more alive and centred. Our inner child can find her healing and power, our mother can open to the fullness of her creativity and connection to her sexuality, our enchantress can surrender to her intuition and sensuality, our wise women can whisper the ancient timeless songs and healings that our souls need to reactivate our highest potential..we can deepen in relationship to all of our archetypal energies, moving away from stereotype and back to empowered understanding of the innate qualities of beauty strength wisdom that move through us.

Full spectrum women

When we recognise our blood as sacred, our cycle as gnosis, we reprogrammed our bodies, our psyches and we find a worthiness that allows us to let go of approval seeking neediness and so many other unhealthy limiting beliefs that we are contracted into.

Join me and be part of this amazing movement, for the empowerment of women, as we celebrate and explore the earth-moon-womb cycle.

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