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Aug 19

Blue Lotus Initiation (Edinburgh)

August 19, 2020 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm AEST

Blue Lotus Initiation

An initiation, led by Victoria Sinclair into personal connection and usage of Blue Lotus.   Blue Lotus is a mysterious medicine used by the Ancient Egyptian priestesses and priests.   It opens higher channels of consciousness and can deep transmission and other altered states.   



In this initiation you will learn about

  • The lotus archetype and why it is so important at this time
  • The historical use of Blue Lotus/Blue Lily in Ancient Egypt
  • The importance of the Blue Lotus in, and the right resurgence of the Temple Arts and Sacred Sexuality work
  • The necessity of respecting this wonderful plant and its magical properties and role as a multidimensional gateway
  • Some of the amazing ways it works for different people
  • The concepts behind transmission medicine and why this plant is so useful for understanding that
  • The relation between the Blue Lotus and the ‘Serpent codes’ and why the resurgence of working with the plant has come about and why it must be honoured and used appropriately
  • Blue Lotus as an enhancer for earth work and land blessings

We have a very rare and hard-to-get Blue Lotus potion made by an alchemist in Egypt to introduce during the initiation as well as Blue Lotus from Australia which was prepared in sacred ceremonies during a pilgrimage of the Mayan lands last December by the Lotus Consciousness Team.

You will be introduced to the Blue Lotus in various forms and receive an initiation dose of the medicine.  You will also receive some tincture and instructions to begin your own diet to deepen your unique connection to this fascinating plant.  You will receive a transmission from the plant via Victoria and be brought into a receptive state to communicate directly with the plant.   Victoria may also, depending on the energy of the day and the guidance by the plant give further transmission from the various lineages she holds. You will also be signposted to deeper teachings on the Blue Lotus which connect you more deeply into the lineages, Khemetic wisdom and Dreamtime teachings


Structure of workshop

As the energy of the day is Blue Cosmic Night in the Galactic Mayan Calendar and the main medicine we will work with is the Australian Lily/Lotus – we will be connecting deeply with ‘dreamtime consciousness’ as the Blue Night glyph aligns indeed with the East Coast of Australia and the concept of the ‘Dreaming’.   We will be utilising the medicine to show how it helps us to subtly enter into other gateways of consciousness and explore why its resurgence in usage can be deployed in the Global Shift.

We will begin with an opening, introduction and Intention setting and then share some teachings about the medicine as you get to sample and view it in several forms.    You will receive a small dose of the medicine during this time.   We will then take you deeper into the ‘Dreamtime’ into a quantum and transmission state immersion where you will also be served the medicine with icaros channelled by Victoria which align with the intention your shared.   Dependent on the guidance of the plants on the day this may or may not be enhanced by some ceremonial grade cacao…tbc…We will then do a short dance immersion to also connect you in with the embodied aspect of the tincture and how we can access mild altered states for shamanic earth and movement work.   Finally you will receive a small dose of the Egyptian medicine and lie down for a sound journey where you will also receive channelled Sekhem healing and sound codes as brought through by the team present on the evening.  After that we will close and share supper.

We would like people to arrive, if possible by five pm so that everyone can get smudged and settled as the initiation could take five hours.  Ideally if you are able to get there earlier it would be great to get the flow and ensure we can cover everything  -please let us know what time you can arrive in case we need to re-assess anything for the best interests of the group…

Suggested energy contribution

Sliding Scale – £85 – £130

Includes initiation, a bottle of Lotus to take home and grounding supper after the workshop.

Discounts for Sekhem alumni members £66- £111 sliding scale

You are invited to commit via a £23 deposit to Paypal [email protected] or Natwest Bank Ethical Solutions 010657 46109854 to ensure your space. First come first served. Please contact [email protected] for more info. Looking forward to sharing this sacrament with you very soon! Pachamama blessings. 


About the facilitator

Victoria is an energy medicine plant communicator and consciousness specialist.   Victoria is a Master Teacher in both Reiki – Tibetan Usui Method and Sekhem – Seichim – Reiki. She has been working with Sekhem healing for over 10 years,  Serpent Codes for 20 years and Altered States of Consciousness for 30 years.   Her work includes transpersonal psychology, epigenetics, trauma work, pranayama, plant medicines, decolonisation and quantum, sound, Kalachakra Highest Yoga Tantra and ancestral practices.    Victoria has been working with Sacred Plants as Teachers and Healing Facilitators for over 20 years.  She has been working in a lead ceremonial facilitator context with plant teachers from different countries since 2011.  She is a culture bridge for several indigenous tribes and a mentor and teacher on various initiatives including the Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Programme.  In 2016 she initiated the Wounded Healer Holistic Trauma Blueprint Series and she is currently busy co-creating the Lotus Consciousness Platform – a global hub initiative for enabling access to tools and communities working with the Awakening process at this time on the planet.  She has been working deeply with the Blue Lotus and the transmission states that it brings for almost five years and has conducted ceremonies and workshops with it globally including Magdala, Israel, Ibiza, Glastonbury, Manchester, Mayan Sacred Sites in Mexico, Giza Plateau and the Nile, Egypt.  For full biography please visit www.lotusprogramme.com   and to find out more about our events, courses and resources please visit www.lotusconsciousness.com.



August 19, 2020
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm AEST
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