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Dec 3

Cosmic Ashram Series – Mayan Lands Pilgrimage, Mexico

December 3, 2019 - January 9, 2020

After our successful Lotus Gatekeepers and Pillars Retreat in Tepoztlan, Mexico last year we are back this year – with a range of deeply therapeutic and innovative retreat options. We have a range of experienced master practitioners based in Mexico coming together to offer personalised healing opportunities AND a Cosmic Ashram over the month of December 2019 and into the new year.

The Lotus team and international and local practitioners are coming together 7 years since the ‘opening of the new gate of time’ on 21/12/2012.

Several of us who were on the ground in the Mayan lands in 2012 are now returning and continuing a commitment in the Mayan lands that has been underway since 2012. This year feels like a big year! Divination and consultation with local wisdom keepers has now taken place. We will be journey from the Aztec to Mayan sacred sites, weaving the energies of the serpent codes to the Crown frequency in an exploration of masculine-feminine upgrade. We have activities in sacred spots from 6th december to 9th January

So far in the team we have
• Pre-hispanic wisdom keepers
• Mayan shamans
• Elders
• Energy medicine experts
• Yoga teachers
• Consciousness specialisits
• Plant medicine practitioners
• Bodyworkers
• DJs and musicians
• Ceremonial tattooist
• Psychotherapists
• Mayan healing plant specialists
• Serpent codes

**if you would like to get a sacred tattoo ceremonially applied during our residencies and pilgrimage we have the amazing Maaike de Haan with us, channelling synchronous images or working with your own designs


We’ll be in the following areas

6th to 8th December TEPOZTLAN
Pueblo Magico and site of the renouned Tepozteco pyramid – Tepozteco was reportedly the 1st ruler to eliminate sacrifice – as we come into free will aligned with planetary service it is great to be in a place imbued with that frequency to begin – we also will continue some ceremonies and offerings we have been doing in Amatlan – birthplace of Quetzalcoatl – the winged serpent. Please get in touch if you would like to join the cosmic ashram team – we have numerous satsangs and healing opportunities coming up!…For more details please contact [email protected]

10th December – TEOTIHUACAN
We will join pre-hispanic/galactic wisdom keeper Emmanuel Kakalot as we honour masculine and feminine, yin and yang through a day of teachings and land work. 10th December is exactly 9 months since it came into the collective field that the new president of Mexico requested an acknowledgement of the Conquests (and was declined – by the King of Spain). Many of us HAVE been doing deep acknowledgment of the yang domination of the yin that sits in all of us, and in ceremonies with native brothers and sisters. On this day we will deepen this acknowledgment and also bring in the Joy codes
Energy of the Day – Blue Galactic Monkey GAP
Suggested donation 999 pesos – will include picnic and entrance fees to ruins. This donation will enable Kakalot to be able to join us in Izamal and the Riviera Maya as he brings his Nauhatl sharings to merge with the Mayan. If interested in joining please contact [email protected]

12/12- PALENQUE (Chiapas)

Red Planetary Skywalker GAP – We will honour the 12/12 portal, full moon and the 7 years since December 2012 on this astrologically powerful day from what is regarded by many as the Galactic portal of the Mayas. Join Victoria Sinclair and the Lotus Consciousness Cosmic Ashram team as we conduct vital grid work. Along the way Victoria will take you to waterfalls and less known sites in the huge archaeological site – honouring the female yin settlements whilst also visiting the power spots. At Nan Chan – Victoria will share some of the global/galactic teachings on the serpent codes in this area honouring Kulkucan and we will honour the new serpent frequencies that are coming through as a microcosm as we align with planetary kundalini energies. We will be weaving with grandmothers and wisdom keepers from numerous lineages including Celtic, Origine (Australia), Guatemalan, Egyptian, Israeli and many more along the crystalline mycelium grid of consciousness.

Suggested donation 999 pesos (includes entrance fees and snacks along the way). 50% of the proceeds go to sustaining the attendance of Mexican wisdom keepers along the other parts of our pilgrimage. Please contact : [email protected]

15/12 – CALAKMUL (Campeche)
The serpent weavings continue. Calakmul was the historic seat of the Serpent Kingdom – Victoria Sinclair – who has been working with the serpent codes for 20years and comes from 2 lineages of Serpent Guardians will share teachings on the necessity of raising the serpentine frequency on the planet and the fractal components of this. 7 years on since 2012 we will give offerings and acknowledgments of how we have upgraded our own serpent frequency and will honour the upgraded serpent codes. Cosmic Granny Debra Delglyn, Victoria Sinclair and Dante Singh will be offering a weaving of cosmovisions from kundalini principles to indigenous land rites, to channelled wisdom, geomancy and deep multidimensional work and epigenetic rewiring and including Blue Lotus medicine.
You are responsible for your own travel and entrance fees to Calakmul. Suggested Donation 999 pesos. 20% of the proceeds will go to sustaining the attendance of Mexican wisdom keepers along the way on other parts of our pilgrimage. Please contact: [email protected]
Yellow Cosmic Warrior

18th December – 21st December Izamal (Yucatan)
The centre point of 4 cardinal Sac Be’s (sacred routes) – Izamal is also the perceived residence of the Mayan sun deity – Izamna. As we bridge the serpent to the bird and sun frequencies we will be, this solstice, connecting the gateways from this important place. During the days before we will be offering ceremonies, channellings, purifications and healings with traditional Mayan shamans, Mexican and international practitioners.
We are just finalising the schedule – please get in touch if you would like more details on Izamal residency via [email protected]

RIVIERA MAYA – 4th -8th January – Lotus Consciousness and Amargo


December 3, 2019
January 9, 2020
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