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Aug 11

Kambo, Liquid Tobacco/Nene and Sananga sessions

August 11, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm BST

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One event on August 20, 2020 at 4:00 pm

One event on August 26, 2020 at 10:00 am

Kambo, Liquid Tobacco/Nene and Sananga sessions – 11th , 20th and 26th August and Edinburgh and Fife, Scotland

I’m happy to be coming back to Scotland for most of August and feel its important to share some Kambo circles again. As we come into Autumn and given the exceptional circumstances we are in I am called to offer innoculations – three in a month – or singular sessions to enable you to boost health, emotions, energy and morale at this time…

Kambo assists us to work from the heart, in our true vibrational frequency and is useful for purification and clearing depression/anxiety/fatigue/addictions and numerous physical ailments and dis-eases. This is a full reset medicine which boosts the immune system and can get our lives back on track and into alignment in the most amazing way.  It can generally be seen to clear body mind and spirit of chronic or destabilizing dis-eases and influences. More info can be found here:




For those of you who would like to go on a journey over the month we are offering three – and possibly another extra – sessions to enable you to go into a step by step clearing after the last few months of weird is the new normal. On top of the ‘general’ and specific clearing you can expect from each session you can also come into the group constellation. The sessions will respectively be on:

Inner child and joy codes session – Acknowledgement of looping, residues and abrasions that took us from our more ‘sacred neutral’ selves and made us more anxious, dualistic, triggered…

Seeding session. Rebooting to re-identify. What did you lose in the last few months and what has that made space for? Who are you becoming? Clear the last remnants of your historic self and within the constellation, call in the tools and awarenesses that you need to streamline the new you…

Collective intentions session. Who are you in a community- your tribe, soul group etc? Did the past months show you some truths about your social life that have caused reflection and a deepened desire for certain sorts of relationships? We will call in our ecosystemic alignment. Kambo helps us to ‘find our place’. Now that so much has changed, where are we going, where do we belong, who are our co-creators?


About Victoria Sinclair

Victoria is an experienced healer (curandera) from the Celtic lands with more than 20 years of experience working with healing and altered states of consciousness. She is a transpersonal (eco)psychologist, trauma and postcolonial theorist and practitioner and has been journeying and working extensively in Central and South America and Australia/New Zealand since 2006. She is a teacher/master of reiki, sekhem, advanced theta healing practitioner, holds the Munay Ki Andean rites, is a Dying Consciously practitioner and is a qualified counselor and IFS (Internal Family Systems) practitioner. She also is a Toltec apprentice in Quantum Liberation healing.

Victoria has also received numerous tribal initiations and attendance at sacred ceremonies as a culture bridge, and to each session, as guided, she shares the cosmovisions and teaching the Wisdom Keepers have shared with her as a culture bridge. She works with various Origine tribal groups in Australia, Q’ero, Shipibo, Guarani, Nauhatl, Wiwa, Kogi, Arhuaco, Huichol, Secoya and Mayan tribal representatives and elders.

Vicky is presently completing an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology. She also works with numerous indigenous groups around sovereignty and healing of self and eliminating planetary dis-ease to nurture higher vibrational being for the new age and evolution of homo luminus.

Experience, specialisms and pioneering work

Victoria has been taking kambo for over 10 years now and administering it for 7, having completed two dietas with the teacher and one to one upgrade training with Maestro Giovanni Lattanzi who is known as one of the pioneer practitioners to fuse the work with TCM and auricular points.   She works intuitively, with meridian points, traditional techniques and when required, with auricular style, working deeply with the frog spirit for guidance.  Victoria was also commissioned to undertake new work with indigenous groups in Australia and is setting up inner city and tribal community rehabilitation programmes which utilize the sacred frog as a key component in the work which is tackling addiction, abuse, cultural trauma and hopelessness.

Vicky has also pioneered new ways of working with kambo to create a more holistic healing blueprint by fusing it with liquid tobacco, Quantum Liberation technique (to eliminate residues in the ancestral, past life, conditioned and other fields) and IFS (internal family systems). This unique blend means that clients as spiritual sovereigns can expect a higher degree of clearing and resetting, because in these Self-led sessions they choose what layers of dis-ease, conditioning and residual patterns they are ready to upgrade from to reach their higher potential

Victoria fuses her training in various modalities with the administration of the medicine, offering extractions, chakra balance, sound healing, and clearing on many levels using shamanic and energy work methods. Recent transmissions from the frog have given Victoria a new insight into working with

  • Trauma
  • Ancestral healing
  • Awakening innate seeing abilities
  • Removing residues from vaccinations
  • Utilising sound and channeled icaros to work on a multi-dimensional level with the emotions or dis-eases that are cleared or intentions that are being called in
  • Quantum Liberation healing – adding in Quantum Liberation healing technique to effect even more holistic change in residual patterns in clients’ lives
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems – talking to the ‘parts’ of us that sometimes are overworking and taking us out of a harmonious state due to past traumas)

A session with Victoria is much more than a clinical application of the kambo points. Through her work as a shamanic practitioner, energy worker and conduit for the frog, she is guided to work beyond the physical level. As a qualified Master of energy work and extraction methods from several lineages, she is able, with the guidance of the frog to assist the removal of dense energies, entities, parasites, and diseases in a safe and effective way and to provide counsel in numerous realms to assist clients to call in a potent self-healing process.

Having held hundreds of ceremonies internationally, spiritual hygiene is a primary concern and therefore, throughout the session there are numerous protection rituals, smudging, intention setting and clearings that take place to ensure that deep work can be accomplished. Therefore the session is not ‘quick’ while the treatment may be, because a thorough session will shift deep programmes and illnesses, and therefore, much attention is given to intentionality and de-patterning.

It is not advisable however, to see a single treatment as a ‘quick fix’ to serious conditions and giving kambo in such a holistic way means a lot of energy is channeled by the practitioner. If you are requiring deep level extraction, high level exorcism or work with a chronic illness, Victoria is able to work with this BUT you need to be aware that this is beyond the remit of a normal session. Therefore there will be a degree of contracting up with the client on diagnosis and consultation as to what degree of work can be undertaken on the first session, and what subsequent modalities and treatment should be sought.

Each session is different as Victoria works closely with the energy of the day, and she often incorporates different plant teachers, healing modalities or forms of intention setting depending on the outcome of divination.

Energy of the Day – 11th August

Inner child and joy codes session – Acknowledgement of looping, residues and abrasions that took us from our more ‘sacred neutral’ selves and made us more anxious, dualistic, triggered…

In the Galactic Mayan Calendar this day is Yellow Overtone Warrior during the Blue Monkey Wavespell. The Monkey is very much about finding our inner magic, joy, the inner child. So many of us have become ensnared in material realities that take us away from joy and into lack, stress, being burdened. Where have we lost our inner child and our spark? Blue Eagle energy is about opening up to see the bigger picture as a planetary server. Many people have ended up constricted in recent months and there is a lot of divisiveness about ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ which is topping people from their centre. Given the amount of clearing and purging of old stories we have been in this is the perfect time to see the bigger picture -which Blue Eagle is all about!


In this session you are invited to come with your ‘normal’ intention but also to bring to the constellation, some musings on where, especially this year, you may have got melancholy or tarnished and lost your joy. Its imperative that we clear residues and traumas from lockdown and this massive collective experience – we don’t know what the winter months have in store and robustness can be cultivated through acknowledging and re-booting from the earlier part of the year. We’ll hold a collective intention for stability and resolve – for a higher dimensional awareness of our reality to drive us out of mundane and unhealthy looping cycles. If you got stuck in any loops in the recent months we will share some tools to help to ‘park’ these to move on

So – please come knowing what factors are disconnecting you from joy and the inner child and kambo and the guides will help you lighten your load. As kambo lifts ‘panema’ – heavy energies and Victoria and the frog work together to create a multidimensional space, we also invite your ancestors to release their burdens on this day.

Energy of the day 20th August- Yellow Magnetic Seed

Yellow Magnetic Seed marks the first day of the Seed wavespell. So many of us have stripped away a lot – old traumas, relationships and even things we thought were who we ‘are’…and its important to lay to rest those old parts of us who are no longer relevant to who we are becoming. The global process has only got started and we want to be light and resilient to find our places. In this ceremony we ask you to share a little of this – so that in the sacred space, with the help of the Sapo and the constellation you can truly leapfrog and seed the new you.

Energy of the day 26th August White Resonant Dog – GAP

This day – also in the Seed Wavespell is very much about ‘soul tribe’, community, love and loyalty. The recent times have brought a lot up for many of us as to where we belong, who we are, and for also for some, a yearning for community. Often we have blockages and ‘exiled parts’ which create a lot of saboteurs and unconscious patterning around truly belonging. As we enter into the Golden Age we are being asked to release what were timely impediments to us forming ‘guilds’ and soul groupings. Relationships and groups that once had relevant suddenly may seem very different – and we have many teachings if we choose to look at them this way as to who we are becoming and what our ideal, Authentic role in community/family etc might be.

Imperatively as well – the recent situation has found many people stuck in the lower energy centres, in fear based reactions rather than heart based expansion. We will work on clearing to transmute contraction and to call in more collective, heart-based relating. At this time when many are very divisive, if we can find our inner heart lens we’ll find the right people and ways to communicate – for more positive outcomes. This day is a GAP portal day which means that our clearing and intentions connect more deeply with our DNA and ancestors – so we can tap into generational traumas and codings that have caused separation and mindfully acknowledge to transmute and transfigure.

Energy exchange

£85/£76 means dependent.

If you do the three session ‘innoculation’

Sessions begin at 10am with consultation, liquid tobacco and sananga eye and upper chakra medicine cleanse to focus our intentions and clear blockages. The full session begins at 10.30am There will be a grounding, nutritious lunch served after the session and special detoxifying teas. On confirmation, more information will be available. Space limited to 6 guests and the session will finish by 2pm approx.


For more information:

 To confirm attendance and to receive pre session guidance please contact [email protected]

Pachamama Blessings!


August 11, 2020
10:00 am - 3:00 pm