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Jun 21

SOLSTICE With ECLIPSE “Shiva Dance Ritual”

June 21, 2020 @ 6:30 am - 9:00 pm BST

This is an invitation to take part, from wherever you are, in the :

SOLSTICE With ECLIPSE “Shiva Dance Ritual”

on the 21st June 2020 (During SOLSTICE & Total Solar Eclipse )

Ritual for anyone identifying themselves as MEN

(With additional Optional Trial-Run on 15th June)

Dear friends, in these changing and incredible times, you are receiving this personal invitation as I thought of you as somebody who might choose to join me ,and many other souls across the world, in embodying this powerful collective ritual.

This is an invitation to to take part into a collective dreaming dancing ritual , for all those identifying themselves as MEN, with a simple AIM:

To embody together as Men, through the sacred vessel of our physical 3D body, a Dance as a Prayer to restore the balance of the Masculine & Feminine within ourselves; to then ripple out into the New World we would like to dream of and manifest together.

In a time of change for humanity, any positive manifestation must start from within. And as the Old World ‘s structures and the Old Paradigms seems to be on the brink of collapse, we can focus our creative and dreaming energy to call in the New Way. We can send a clear signal to the Universe that we are ready to truly embody this change. It must start from ourselves first. But we can also do it together and in Solidarity, in this case with other Men (and other souls identifying themselves as such)

Hence, this is an invitation to tap into the power of Ritual and of Dance as a Collective prayer for the Earth. To acknowledge the magic that exists beyond our limited ability to “logically understand” the mystery of life, and connect to the Archetype of the Dancing Shiva. In the Hindu tradition Nataraja is the dancing form of Shiva, the Dod of death. The cosmic dance of Shiva, represented “within the cosmic circle of fire” (lWhich guess what? It looks pretty much like an ECLIPSE!) represents the cycles of creation and destruction; of death and rebirth. As many destructive forces are already at play in today’s World, through this ritual I am inviting you to dance a prayer of collective dreaming and creation to contribute to the rebalancing of the Masculine and Feminine. (You can read more about the Fascinating Shiva Dance here: https://sunlotusarthouse.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/2012-shiva-world-dance-phenomena/ )


On Sunday 21st June not only it will be the Summer Solstice (whereby the Grandfather Sun will be at its peak power and the day (YANG, Masculine attribute) will be the longest of the year), but also a Full Ring-of Fire Solar Eclipse will be happening on the Earth. During a full solar eclipse the Moon (Feminine energy), will stand between the Sun and the Earth as two perfectly balanced circles, to create some moments of night within the day, opening a beautiful portal and opportunity for ceremonies, ritual and setting intention. As both the Sun and the Moon represent in many Cosmologies the Masculine and Feminine energies, this is a perfect opportunity to carry out a ritual to restore the balance of these energies within us. The SUN FULLY EMBRACING THE MOON WITHIN!

This is particularly relevant in these extraordinary times where masculine attribute of society (e.g. Patriarchy, COVID saturated Numbers & Statistics, Logical minds, Fight over opinions, etc) are dominating the discourse. Especially for Men, who have been for so long lacking a supportive network to truly embrace their inner feminine, and who Karmically bury the burden of the corrupted and unbalanced patriarchal system they were born into. Many men are today willing to “do the work” and honour this Unbalance, calling and honouring the feminine. When as Men we seek to rebalance our inner energies we can then radiate a more balanced frequency into the world around us and contribute to the paradigm shift we want to see in the world!


On the 21th June, ideally within the actual 5 hours-window from the start to the end of the Solar Eclipse (see table below), all men taking part will dance their “Dance for Balance” in their individual location

  • Start by opening a safe ritual space and Setting an intention:

    • Please lit a candle or have a flame/fire present if you can

    • As a way to connect and “Grid-in” with all other Men sharing this Ritual across the world you I invite you to open a Shared space by reading this short paragraph below aloud:

Giving thanks to the ancestors and Guardians of this Land I am in, I would like to open a safe space to perform this Dancing ritual today. I call upon my higher-self, my multi-dimensional self, all elementals, the 7 directions, and all the supportive forces in these times to enable the benefits and intention of this ritual to ripple out for the benefit of all Humanity and all sentient beings. Honouring the Sun and the Moon today, I offer my body and my dance, as a prayer to supporting the rebalancing of the Masculine and Feminine energy within myself, within the Collective and across the Cosmo. I honour and seek to work in unity to all other Men (or these identifying as Men) who will be performing this ritual dance today, aiming to fully embrace and respect our inner feminine, drawing inspiration from this Solar Eclipse embrace between the Sun and the Moon. This sacred space is now open.

  • Make sure to meditate to gather focus and to warm up your body.

  • Dance for as long as you intuitively fell called to (Could be 5 mins- or 1 hour). Keep focussing on your intention. And TRUST THE UNIVERSE TO RECEIVE YOUR DANCE AS A PRAYER FOR THE COLLECTIVE

  • Closing the Space – Once you have reached a natural end to your dance, make sure to close the space by giving gratitude to the opportunity to dance and connect with other men on the gridlines, release and thank your higher-self, all supportive forces present, the elementals and the 7 directions. Finally Blow off the Candle/Fire and say “ This sacred space is now closed

Only Three Ground Rules:

  1. No filming devices of any kind (as a way to minimize distraction and self-judgement)

  2. Your intention should fit within the overarching Aim to offer our dance as a prayer through and for the Collective (for the rebalancing of the Masculine and Feminine energies)

  3. ABSOLUTE NO advertising through social media as a way to keep the energy of this ritual pure and beyond parasitic, judgemental and opinionated contamination from the mass Hysteria our there!

When doing it together, our bodies will effectively work as many de-localized antennas for bridging the “Heaven and the Earth”across the Planet, strengthening the power of the ritual.

*** If you cannot dance during the ECLIPSE time-window do not worry and dance as close to it as possible, as with a strong intention we can all be unified beyond time and space***


Eclipse Time Window (21st June)


04:45 – 10:34 am


22:45 (20th) – 4:43 am


13:45 – 19:34


23:45 -05.34


09:15 – 15:04


10:45 – 16:34


00:45 – 06:34


22:45 (20th) – 4:34 am

Final Note:

Thanks for so much for reading and for considering joining this ritual! It will be awesome and I am deeply grateful that this vision was gifted to me so that I could share it with as many Men/Dancing Shivas as possible. So now it is yours too! Let’s do it!

  • My name is Francesco and, before the 21st June I am aiming to post a couple of relevant Videos/Resources on a platform I helped Co-create (LotusConsciousness). I will post the resources at this link: https://lotusconsciousness.com/resources/

These Videos/Resources will explore more in depth:

    • The Multi-dimensionality and energetic of the 21st June Solstice and Eclipse

    • Some concept about dance as a Ritual

    • I will share my lived experience of Dancing and using my body as a Channel on some POWERFUL Cosmic Portal days, and the DEEP MAGIC that unfolded (and is still doing so!)

– For those of you interested in Joining me for a “trial run” Dance on the 15th June (please get in touch emailing me on[email protected]

– As a way to purify my body as a channel, I will be fasting (drinking only water) in nature from the 15th to the 21st June and, for these in EUROPE Time Zone keen to join, I will be doing my dance at 7:00 am.

– Finally, I would love to gather together as Men after this ritual to share our personal experiences, support each others and build connection! (as I see the potential for this to become a powerful MOVEMENT quite “literally”).

So if you can join us on Monday 22nd June Evening (UK time) to this ZOOM LINK: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84339726916

-Or if you cannot make it but would love to stay in touch, send me an email to [email protected] (I will put together a list that we can then share with each other to arrange further rituals or sharings)


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtAOMJj9cEQ

Let’s give ourselves a moment of collective truth

A moment of pure movement as opposed to the mental and physical lock-down we have been in

A moment of pure presence aways from screen

A moment of connection to the divine and collective dreaming beyond the rationality of the mind

A moment of beauty and reconnection to our intuitive and feminine side, away from the number crunching of the Coronavirus statistics

A moment of joy, acknowledging the duality that exist when so many are feeling despair

A moment of balance as everything seems to be collapsing

Doing it together, with Intention,as brothers, honouring the Feminine within

This is how our ancestors used to do to pray

so we can re-connect beyond the mind to the prophecies we are here to embody.


June 21, 2020
6:30 am - 9:00 pm BST
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