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Jun 13

WEBINAR SATURDAY 13th (18:00 pm UK) – Yellow Spectral Warrior day – Releasing to Step Forward – Expanding our toolkit and inclusion

June 13, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm BST

This year’s intake for the Foundational Course for Conscious Practitioners is running again – real time – from the 12th July as we begin the Red Serpent Wavespell.   It is optionally accredited and if at this time you are suddenly realising that there is some importance in words such as ‘decolonisation’ ‘privilege’ ‘multiculturalism’ , ‘intergenerational’ ‘trauma’  and ‘marginalisation’ – then this Natural Law and Time Weaving through ethics, communicating, understanding the time we are in, and adapting to a huge shift, may well be for you.   These are not the only topics that are explored on the course, however.  The course was designed two years ago in the knowing we were going into a massive shift and it is designed for all people who are feeling they are in a state of deep transition.  The main objective of the course is to assist people to look at their lives and professions in a more sustainable way and to reach a point to hold space for others as our concept of reality and normality tumbles down…


The teachings are delivered by a multicultural and intergenerational group of Practitioners and elders who have collaborated with the course host, Victoria Sinclair from N.Ireland who has been working in diverse community settings for almost thirty years and overseeing and managing projects and healing activities across the globe and in disadvantaged communities for over fifteen.

More information about the course is at https://lotusconsciousness.com/courses/foundation-course-for-conscious-practitioners

We are running an early bird rate for the course until just after our webinar which has now moved from  12th June to  Saturday 13th at six thirty pm UK time (18:00 pm).

This is a university level course as it is important that we are thorough in these times and learn to ‘walk our talk’.   There are numerous tools and insights into basics of working with trauma.  There will be many new transmissions in this jam-packed course tailored to the exact times we are in – and these will be hosted on our growing platform and hub initiative www.lotusconsciousness.com

In the webinar, hosted by bridge-being Victoria Sinclair we will look at why Natural Law and Time are connected to decolonisation and you will receive some signposting tools to enable you to find out more about your own personal resonance in a Natural Order and how you can tune into how you can ‘fit in’ and find your place in the new constellations that are forming.   The session will be approximately thirty minutes long and will be recorded if you cannot make it and feel called to know more about the course.  The session is on the Yellow Spectral Warrior day in the Galactic Mayan Calendar and we will look at fearlessness and resilience at this time and how a true warrior is actually a beacon for receiving higher ‘codes’ and knowledge and how we can all step deeper into Awareness/Alertness…

Webinar Linkhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/89789369527



June 13, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm BST