Global Hubs

Global Hubs

Global network of physical hubs, spanning across multiple continents

This platform has more than a virtual component.   We are steadily creating partnerships with existing and future hubs to provide inclusive ‘rehabilitation’, ‘toolkit’ and ‘rewiring’ outposts for knowledge exchange and awakening.  Several of our core team have extensive experience of setting up hubs and networks internationally in disadvantaged areas – now we are focused on maximum activation for people to fully understand their potential. Proceeds from the online courses, platform income , conscious products and collaborator donations will go towards the Lotus Launchpads when we reach sustainability for the virtual platform.

Presenting our 1st Lotus Global Hub...

Active Health Group – City Therapy
Manchester, UK

A welcome message to the Lotus Consciousness community by Christian Platt, co-founder representative of our first affiliated Lotus Hub; the Active Health Group at City Therapy.

In its 13th year of development as a therapy outlet, City therapy in Manchester offers a wide variety of treatments ranging  from injury, back pain and health coaching, in a compassionate setting where clients are at ease to explore their traumas, understand their emotional body and understand how traumas can manifest in our day to day challenges and expressed as bodily dis-eases.

Operating from a three floors building located in the center of Manchester, the increasing number of clients needing support has shaped the City therapy venue with additional features, such as group sound healing journeys, meditation practice, yoga, men’s group, women’s group, Tantra, conscious speed dating, dance workshops, singing workshops, disco nights, vision quests, kambo, supported by a growing amount of facilitators hiring the space to conduct high level group healing sessions. We are honoured to be providinga dedicated service to reaching the local community with an increasingly wider calendar of events.

This Hub  also operates the company’s 19 year old  Active Health Group. Primarily known for the sports therapy training on offer the Active Health Group is delivering courses throughout the UK and across 20 countries, with over 3000 graduates. Tutored by highly trained practitioners our graduate are supported in assisting their communities with aches pains injuries again in a safe space to explore their emotional and physical manifestations of trauma.

The Active Health Group is also the broker that has mapped and established the current accreditation for the Lotus Consciousness Platform’s very own Conscious Practitioner training course. With its many arms and a broad capacity of action the enterprise is  committed and centered in being in service to a bigger picture.


Richard Johnson is one of the founder and co owner of this enterprise.  Having researched and studied for almost 3 decades in  the field of well-being and healing, Richard shares his skills, practices and solutions at local level as well as a keen advocate of his belief systems at the government level. Having set the national occupational standard of the industry in the last 10 years, Richard has assisted in developing and advising on the first regulation of the complementary therapy industry. The first such government backed regulatory body in the world.
This year Richard has contributed to Jack Canfield’s book of “Chicken soup for the soul”. Richard is also in the process of developing new cutting-edge courses fusing western science, eastern science, and the excitingly growing emergence of  indigenous science into a truly holistic body work art. The school is set for a new climb in the emergence of the old ways , as a resurgence in holistic ways of looking at the body as a whole.
Christian Platts is the co-owner and proud business partner to Richard. As a Myofascial release teacher, breathwork facilitator, sound therapist, energy healer, and Internal Family Systems therapist, Christian has been working consciously with shamanic practices.  Visionary of these new times, Christian has been in deep dreaming over the more recent City therapy business developments with a strong focus toward community projects.  Driven by his passion for movement dynamic and posture, as well as way to architecting the mind, Christian facilitates a wide variety of group work.  After having co-hosted initiatives such as The wounded healer, Cosmic ashram and Wriggle for water, Christian current focus is in assisting the creation of a  Community Hub responsive to the real need of the local community in Manchester. All  aspect  of business are currently being under re-development, while offering student retreats for the more conscious body work practitioners as a way to raise awareness about the stress implications of a career as a body-mind therapist.
Together, Christian and Richard have been able to co create a small clinic in the village of Mulanje Malawi in Africa. They provide yearly donations to numerous charities and community projects. They offer scholarships and a broad range of graduate support ,with a tailored dedication to staff development. They are both highly dedicated to the flourishing of a highly exciting evolution of their businesses.
Christian and Richard are proud of their partnership with the Lotus Consciousness platform, and are motivated to keep developing their work around the ever-evolving frameworks of conscious business practices.

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