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Catriona is a Tao-Tantric Arts Facilitator, Moon Mother, Sekhem Reiki Initate, Keith’s Cacao Practitioner, Reflexologist, Thai Massage Practitioner and Aromatherapist.

Catriona encourages people to awaken within and embrace themselves fully, with joy as well as reconnect and remember their innate intelligence and wisdom. Catriona shares tools and practices to support shedding density, recharging thoughts~feelings~emotions that contribute to limiting beliefs or patterns to align more energy with universal grand harmony.

Services that Catriona can provide include the following:

Tao-Tantric Arts 1-1 and group eg Women’s Wellness Qigong, Womb blessings and healings, 1-1 sessions weaving body work, aromatherapy, energy work, sound healing. Energy Medicine Techniques.