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Victoria is a change maker and quantum and energy medicine specialist from N.Ireland (curandera) with over 20 years of experience working with numerous modalities. She is a also transpersonal (eco)psychologist, trauma and postcolonial specialist and plant medicine practitioner and has been journeying and working extensively in Central and South America and Australia since 2006. Based largely in the UK, she is a Culture Bridge for several tribes in Australia and South America, permitted to represent and relay messages for wisdom keepers in order to assist collective healing and awakening.

Vicky is currently co-creating new healing blueprint models for trauma and consciousness awakening such as the Wounded Healer series, Foundational Course for Conscious Practitioners, Energetic Hygiene Course and the Lotus Mentoring Programmes. In 2018 she launched the Lotus Programme which is a platform and courses for enabling people to transform beyond trauma and dependencies to realize their fullest potential She is co-founder of Lotus Consciousness and involved in hub and cosmic ashram activities in numerous locations. She has also recently pioneered a cutting edge new holistic healing modality – Quantum Transfiguration©