Breathing Techniques – Increase Life Force within Yourself

Natasha Anand draws much experience from her own journey overcoming 2 autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, addiction, burnout and ancestral trauma. Read more about her personal journey on her blog. 

Modern science has realised that the breath has a fundamental capacity to self-regulate feelings and behaviors. The breath also regulates the autonomic nervous system our rest and digest and fight, flight or freeze response. And so, breathing practices are fundamental for relieving hypertension, anxiety, pain, depression, panic and so on.
Pranayama or breathing techniques have different rhythms, retentions, movements and other aspects that create specific effects on the body, mind and energy fields. Without this practice yoga is incomplete as it helps to bring us together as a whole being. 
The breath also supports feeling states and helps us be more in touch with our feelings in a way that can feel safer and more stable.
We don’t need to wait until we are anxious, confused or paralysed to use the breath techniques, we can also do them regularly, even daily as part of a routine or practice as a more preventative measure.
Breath techniques are accessible to anyone and so I’ve shared a few techniques and sets below.

  1. Morning Pranayama Set
15 Minutes Morning Pranayama Routine – Set up your day to increase connectivity, vitality, calmness, etc…

2. Breath Krya: Spinal Breath

Spinal Breath – expand your lungs, open your chest and increase your breath capacity.

3. Kapal Bhati – Breath of Fire

Fire up your system in order to increase your energy levels through Breath of Fire.

Breath techniques also activate gently our kundalini energy, which is is potential energy that is awakened through sustained energy work. It is the infinite flow of energy rising from the base of our spine or from the root chakra/Earth, up the spinal fluid through all of the chakras up to the 3rd eye and crown. This energy can help us clear blockages, old energy, fear and trauma that is sitting in our energy fields, helping to stabilise and calm the nervous system.

About the author:
Natasha Anand is a Master Energy Worker, Master Sattva Yoga Teacher, Leadership Coach and Holistic Therapist fusing Usui Shiki Ryoho, Sekhem Reiki, Vedanta and Tantric lineage Himalayan Yoga, Science and Philosophy, Earthkeeping, Spiritual Crystal Healing, Quantum Techniques, Shamanic Practices, Sacred Geometry, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy & Holistic Coaching. Also read about Natasha’s journey on this WDDTY article. 

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