Embracing 4th Level Consciousness

In bringing harmony to the different parts of our being we learn to weave harmony in our communities and our global environment. This is what we are here for – right here, right now. 

According to the Inka Prophecy we are in the time of the Taripaypacha – the time of meeting oneself again – and we are certainly being brought face-to-face with ourselves during this lockdown. It’s important to understand though that the prophecy is not fixed and static, it is a time of transformation that responds to our energy. Every thought, feeling and action we generate impacts not only on ourselves but on our whole community and environment. Watch this short video to explore more and learn a practice to align your full being and potential and contribute to this transformational time. 

We each have a vital part to play in this Life and weaving these together uplifts all our possibilities to next level beauty and grace. When we harmonise our energy systems with the global beings of nature, we embrace our true capacity as human beings and learn to be of service to our planet.

Debra shares the essential skills of working with living energy – the Kausay in Quechua.

About Debra:
Debra Delglyn is an initiate of the Andean tradition and teaches the skills and practices of the Q’ero Paqos around the world. A trained teacher, healer, bodyworker, business counsellor and coach she brings a unique perspective and humour to our human adventure. Her passion is to empower others with the knowledge, skills and practices to fully embody their potential.  

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