Kogi Meditation – Heart Connection

In this video, Simon talks about the importance of being in our hearts in order to navigate the current events and shifts we are all facing together. Also, the importance of manifesting change through the sacred space of infinite love in our hearts.

Learn simple and yet powerful techniques to activate the power of your heart creating coherence in the mind-heart connection.
“Surrender and allow the change to come through you! We can’t physically come together as a group, however, we can unite our spirits through our hearts globally. Trust your feelings – this is the Kogi meditation for Aquarius.” – Simon Hollington.

About Simon:
Simon Hollington is currently working with the Ascension protocols on the
Song Lines in Australia. He was initiated into Kriya yoga following a kundalini awakening with Bai Sahib, in the late 90s. Simon is a Sekhem Reiki healer, which he incorporates into the Vortex energies of a Song Line confluence. As a part of the Lemurian community of Telos, Simon has travelled in the Americas and Australia anchoring the Flames of Angelic realm and template for Aquarius, working with his lineage Ray of Maitreyan, as a ‘Shaman of Light’. He has recently written an ascension adventure entitled, Diary of a Mad Yogi. Simon is an Ashtangi, and Qi Gong practitioner. After working closely with a Kakadu Law Keeper, Simon has taken part in Song Line ceremony to rebalance the male female energies of the planet, and teaches meditation on sacred sites, as gifted by the Kogi Mamos and Mayans.

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