Original Elders Prophecy: What’s Coming for Humanity?

Steven and Evan Strong take us through the original history of this planet and the Uluru prophecy about the coming of The Change on planet Earth.

In this interview with Lotus Consciousness founder Victoria Sinclair, Steven and Evan disclose elements of their live online conference ‘Our Alien Ancestry – What Comes Next’ that will take place on the first weekend of May.
They have assembled facts about incredible archaeological finds and our human evolution into one coherent theory, linking this in with current events on the planet and an urgent call for action on our part. “It’s a good time to be here. To spend time with your loved ones and have time for self-reflection. And to realise as you look around from now on, that things are not running right. All indigenous people have always said: ‘Our time is going to come back’. We have an exact date now.” 
The time to fix it is now. So bring the change, bring on the smiles. And remember; if you want to be able to be a part of something that will reverberate throughout the Cosmos, it’s simple: all you have to do is clean up your own backyard.”

The time to fix it is now. So bring the change, bring on the smiles!

For anyone wanting to delve deeper: do join the Live Conference on the 2nd or 3rd of May (check your timezone!)
You’ll be offered an unprecedented insight in the history and future of humanity, presented to you by 4 renowned speakers. Including an Indigenous Australian perspective on the way things used to be and will be again after The Change.
The day will be closed with something you will find in no other webinar or presentation: a powerful Yidaki (didgeridoo) sound meditation followed by a deep healing session with Lionel Lauch.
This will be a great way to complete the story, by taking the viewer into a spiritual and sacred part of the Original Culture. Yidaki is an instrument made to make you get into closer contact with the spirits in yourself. Lionel plays it in a way that will make that happen. Finally, there will be an interactive part of the day that will allow the viewers the opportunity to ask questions via a life stream!
Please check the following websites for more information about the event:




Or visit Steven and Evan’s website http://forgottenorigin.com

About Steven Strong & Evan Strong:
Steven is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the N.S.W. Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit”.

Evan has a background in Anthropology & Indigenous Cultural Studies, Counselling & Mediation with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences and Graduate Studies in Psychology. Evan has worked as a researcher for the Northern Rivers Area Health Service, a Social Worker, Teachers Aide, and a Funeral Director.

They have spent many years learning, living and/or working with the Bundjalung Language Confederation (Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales), Ramindjeri (South Australia) and Gumilaroi peoples (Northern New South Wales). They operate under the doctrine of Wirritjin (Black Fella, White Fella Dreaming): In remembrance of Karno W…., spokesperson for the Ramindjeri. They work with a diverse informal network of Independent Researchers, Original Custodians/Elders, Patrons/Supporters and Friends.
Steven and Evan Strong are based near Byron Bay in Northern NSW/Australia.

About Victoria:
Victoria Sinclair is the founder of Lotus Consciousness initiative. She is a change maker and quantum and energy medicine specialist from N. Ireland (curandera) with 20 years of experience working with numerous modalities. She is also a transpersonal (eco)psychologist, trauma and postcolonial specialist and plant medicine practitioner and has been journeying and working extensively in Central and South America and Australia since 2006.

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