Vics & Pops on the Couch – Part 2

Our DNA holds our ancestor’s stories and collective victim/perpetrator programming that, if left unacknowledged and unchallenged, can lead us to loop and get stuck in a “poor me paralysis”.

Victoria and Lydia discuss how practising self-responsibility can help you to detach yourself from your “story” and move into personal and eventually collective freedom. 

Recognise the saboteur aspect within yourself, see what the Universe is trying to mirror back to you in your experiences and experience how taking self-responsibility will show you the way through and out.

In these current times, we have landed in a collective “woe is me” episode that has us all in a similar place at the same time. It is our chance to level up and out of the pattern of needing validation for our experience, of giving our power away in the process and creating our own self-fulfilling prophecies. Instead, we now have the opportunity to take back responsibility for our health, our life and lifestyle.

About Lydia:
Lydia is a medium and a healing facilitator. She works closely with The Guides, Ancestors and her Star family to bring in codes and activations. Starting out on her spiritual path a decade ago she has dedicated herself to her growth and development ever since.  
Experienced in working with plant medicines, Lydia has worked in the Peruvian, Brazilian and African traditions and is currently studying the Afro Brazilian religion of Umbanda. A Sekhem practitioner who works intuitively with her clients, Lydia uses a blend of energy healing, Tarot and Indigenous traditions in her practice.  
Viva Rainbow Tribe!


About Victoria:
Victoria Sinclair is the founder of Lotus Consciousness initiative. She is a change maker and quantum and energy medicine specialist from N. Ireland (curandera) with 20 years of experience working with numerous modalities. Victoria is also a transpersonal (eco)psychologist, trauma and postcolonial specialist and plant medicine practitioner and has been journeying and working extensively in Central and South America and Australia since 2006.

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